Step 3: Setting up and upgrading a database file

This step includes getting a copy of the new V 4.2 database loaded onto your computer. This step also includes upgrading (importing records) from older files and bringing them into the new version 4.2 database file. 21c projects report by year, with data from each year used from July 1-June 30th.  Therefore new datbases get created each July.  There are three videos below.  To learn how to upgrade, scroll down to videos 2 and 3 below.

YouTube Video

Loading the new blank database:

  1. Download the new version of the database and put the new "21c V4.2" version  in its own folder for future use. Version 12 files (did you complete step 1?) will have a purplish  icon color.   The new database file is at the  Wiki Filemaker Page at the top and is blank without records.  See the video above to see how to get it. It's in the Filemaker section of the wiki.  
  2. Make a second copy of the database for this year's active use and put the copy in your 2014 or another folder that you are using for this year's active database. See video above for how to do this.

"Upgrading" all records from an older database into this year's new file.

The info below describes how to bring old records (say a student list) from an older 21c database into a new database. Here is how to do it: 

YouTube Video

The video below describes how to change the students' grade fields as imported students from a previous year will now be in the next grade in the new year.

YouTube Video

The Sequences :
  1. Download the new version of the database and make a master copy and put it in your folder system.  See the first video above on how to do this.
  2. Check you old databases' records to make sure the fields and records have been clean and accurate.  The upgrade will not bring in inactive records, for example. The old database will prompt you for the old user name and password.
  3. Put your old file and the new file IN THE SAME FOLDER. ( see video #2 above)
  4. Open the new file ( The master file you will use this year) and go to scripts/admn/upgrade and follow instructions.  Click upgrade when you are ready. Click yes to "update auto-entered values."  (see below for screenshot of this)Your old data should now be in your new file.
  5. To finish: Now put your new updated database with the converted data in it  in its own folder and erase all the databases in folders you do not need. 
  6. Notes:  You might want to bring in your student list and then change the grade field for this year (one higher for each student).  (See video #3 above) You would also want to erase students who left the school and who have graduated.  


1. Complete a test upgrade, bringing in ONLY older students and staff records into your present database.  Update three student grade fields to be current.  Erase a few students who have graduated.

After im

porting student data, my right column says "Error - Key value missing (zKeyP)" for each student in student list view.  How do I correct this error?

Solution:   zKeyP is the "primary key" that ties student to other areas in the database (enrollment, etc.), and gets auto-entered into new records.  

Do the upgrade over and in the 2nd dialog box of the upgrade/import, where it indicates "update auto-entered values ...", CHECK THE CHECKBOX.

Before moving on to step 4 you should be able to:
  1. Download the new file
  2. Bring records from an older file into a new file
  3. Erase old files and clean up the folders after the upgrade
  4. See that new fields and data have indeed migrated as you expected
  5. Clean up folders and put files in their proper place